Indonesian Passports

Indonesian passports are issued to Indonesian citizens, whether living in Indonesia or overseas, for the purpose of international travel. It can also be used as a proof of nationality. They are issued by the Department of Justice and Human Rights, the Directorate of Immigration and the government’s immigration representatives overseas. A typical Indonesian passport is valid for a period of five years and has 24 or 48 pages.

With an Indonesian passport, you may visit the following countries and territories even without a visa. This list also indicates just how long you are allowed to stay in that country without a visa. Note that some of these actually require a visa but you’ll have to get it the moment you arrive.


Azerbaijan (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Brunei (14 days)

Cambodia (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Chile (90 days)

Colombia (90 days)

Cook Islands (31 days)


Ecuador (official and diplomatic passports only)

Egypt (visa-on-arrival)

Fiji (120 days)

Georgia (visa-on-arrival)

Guam (14 days)

Haiti (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Hong Kong (30 days)

Kenya (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Iran (14 days)

Jordan (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Laos (30 days, visa-on-arrival)


Macau (30 days)

Malaysia (30 days)

Maldives (30 days)

Micronesia (30 days)

Morocco (90 days)

Mozambique (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Nepal (60 days, visa-on-arrival)

Niue (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Oman (14 days, visa-on-arrival)

Palau (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Peru (90 days)

Philippines (21 days)

Samoa (60 days, visa-on-arrival)

San Marino

Seychelles (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Singapore (30 days)

Solomon Islands (visa-on-arrival)

Sri Lanka (30 days)

Tajikistan (45 days, visa-on-arrival)

Tanzania (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Thailand (30 days)

Timor-Leste (30 days, visa-on-arrival)

Vatican City

Vietnam (30 days)

Remember that having an Indonesian passport does not guarantee entry to any of the countries and territories listed above. Immigration officers may deny you access at their discretion.

Types Available

There are two major types of Argentine passports. Choose the one appropriate for you depending on your purpose or position.

  • Ordinary passport. Every Argentine national has the right to own an ordinary passport to travel outside the country. This type is issued by any of the passport and identification center. For Argentine citizens abroad, you can obtain one from any Argentine consular missions in their countries of residence.

  • Diplomatic and service passport. Diplomatic and service passports are issued to accredited members of any diplomatic missions, high-ranking government officials, employees or members of international organizations (United Nations, Organization of American States, etc), and their family members on their official visits or missions abroad. They are usually exempted from fees. Only the Department of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta can issue this type of passport. However, consulates can extend the validity of diplomatic passports for Indonesians living abroad carrying this type.

How to apply

An application for a new Indonesian passport will require completion of an application and payment of fees. For further details and other travel related information, contact the consular section of the Indonesian embassy or the Indonesian consulate nearest to you.

In the meantime, here are the documents you might have to prepare for your application. Note that the required supporting documents are not limited to the following:

  • a copy of your birth certificate

  • passport size photographs (2” x 2” with red background)

  • copies of certificates of identity

  • proof of citizenship

  • self-addressed stamped envelope

  • completed registration of presence forms and passport application fprms (vide Formulir Penggantian Paspor: Perdim 14, MPP and Formulir Pendaftaran Diri form A or B for student)

You may obtain passport application forms and registration presence forms from the passport issuing office in your area, the Department of Justice and Human Rights or the Directorate of Immigration. If you’re living abroad, you can obtain these forms from Indonesia’s diplomatic missions or immigration representatives .

If you are currently staying outside of Indonesia, you may also be required to submit the following to the consular office:

  • original or certified copies of green card (ID card)

  • a copy of H1B, I-20

  • entry visa to the country you are in

  • current passport

You’ll also need to pay passport application processing fees.

If you wish to renew your passport, you may proceed to the passport processing office or consulate in your area. The requirements are basically the same.

Normally, the processing time to issue a passport takes about one to two weeks after the application is completed. During the peak season, it may take up to four weeks.

Validity Extension

If your passport will be expiring soon and you don’t wish to renew, you may extend the validity of the Indonesian passport you have. Applications for extension may be sent by mail. Here are the requirements:

  • current passport

  • completed passport extension application forms (vide form: Formulir Pendaftaran Diri form A or B for student and MPP)

  • 2 passport-style photographs (2×2 inches, with red background)

  • original or certified copy of ID card or green card (for Indonesians abroad)

  • copy of H1B and I-20 or entry visa to the country you are in (for Indonesians abroad)

Apart from these, here are the other required documents:

  • for addition of family name or father’s name: an original or a certified copy of birth certificate

  • for addition of your spouse’s name: an original or a certified copy of marriage certificate (Tips on how to obtain a marriage license)

  • for change of name: an original or a certified copy of Court Decision

  • for passport loss: a copy of the police report, the original or a certified copy of your birth certificate, and a copy of the lost passport

  • for those who can’t come to the department or consulate: a letter indicating your desire to have the validity of your passport extended

Normally, the processing time for passport validity extension takes only one working day if you apply in person and if you have met all the requirements and filled out the necessary forms completely.

Additional Information

If your passport has been damaged, lost or stolen, you are strongly advised to report to the police and advise passport authorities as soon as possible. If you need a replacement passport, apply for one at any passport office or Indonesian consulate, if overseas. Write a letter explaining how you lost it and why you need a replacement passport. The letter should be addressed to the Foreign Affairs Department.

Indonesian consulates also accept replacement passport applications. Generally, they issue a travel document called SPLP (travel document in lieu of passport). Here are the requirements you need to meet:

  • proof of Indonesian citizenship (birth certificate, marriage certificate, KTP, school diploma, family book, etc.)

  • police report

  • accomplished application forms

  • four passport-style photographs (2×2 inches, with red background)

  • copy of lost passport (if any)

  • SPLP fee

To apply for an SPLP, you need to show up at the consulate with all the requirements listed above. Normally, it takes one to three working days to process an application. After obtaining your passport, time to head to Bali, Indonesia, listed 7th in the Top ten dive sites in the world.

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    I would like to enquire on behalf of an Indonesian friend about procedures to take in order the renew her expired passport. She is currently living in Erbil, northern Iraq.

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