Mexico Passports

A Mexican passport is an official document issued to Mexican citizens for travel abroad. Mexican passports are dark green in appearance with the Mexican Coat of Arms printed in the center. Around the coat of arms are the words “Estados Unidos Mexicanos.” The word “Pasaporte” is inscribed at the bottom, while “Mexico” is printed on the top.

Types Available

Currently, Mexican passports come in three types:

  • Personal – A personal passport is the passport most Mexicans are familiar with. It is issued for ordinary travel, like business or vacation trips.
  • Diplomatic – A diplomatic passport is issued to top-ranking government officials, Mexican diplomats, and diplomatic couriers.
  • Official – An official passport is issued to people who represent the Mexican government on official business.
  • Requirements

    To get a passport, you have to make a personal appearance at any of the offices of Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE) or any of its liaison offices. Passport issuance cannot be done by proxy or by a representative. For minors, the child must be present as well as the guardian. A Mexican Passport application form (OP5) must be filled out.

    Proof of Mexican nationality is required. Proof of nationality includes a certified birth certificate, certificate of Mexican nationality, declaration of Mexican nationality, letter of naturalization, or a Citizen Identity Card issued by the Interior Ministry.

    An official identification document must also be presented. This can be a voter’s ID, a school transcript of records (issued not more than 30 days prior) with the official school seal, or any official government ID.

    Three passport-sized photos (4.5 x 3.5 cm) are also required. The photographs must be taken not more than 30 days prior to the passport application.

    Finally, a present fee is also needed. A form can be obtained via the Internet or in any of the official establishments. The fee must be paid through a bank or any Internet portals for authorized banks.

    For minors, there are additional requirements. There has to be a hearing for parents or guardians. They need to present a valid ID with photographs. They also need to fill out a form granting them permission to be issued a passport on behalf of the minor.

    Additional Information

    The SRE reserves the right to verify the documents required for passport processing. All naturalization letters and declarations or certificates of citizenship presented to prove that you are a Mexican citizen usually take three to five working days for verification. After getting your Mexican passport time for you to head to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico which is rated no. 8 in the list of the Top Ten Best Spring break destinations.

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      i live in banff,ab, i’ve done it before in calgary.i mean the renoval of my mexican passport,,but now i’m lost i need to know what do i need to do??? please..where do i have togo? when? where?,,it look’s like they move from calgary,,,5 years ago it took me only one day and i had my passport in my hands,,,i’m confuse,,please reply thank you so much…

    2. lt Says:

      can a mexican man (recently deported) receive a mexican passport? Would the Mexican embassy know that of the situation in regards to the citizens arrival?

    3. oralia Says:

      I need information, if a person has a passport with an indefinite expiration date do they have to re-apply or is this passport still good.
      Thank Your Help,
      Oralia Rios

    4. sergio Says:

      needed a mexican pass

    5. Ernesto Says:

      I am a Mexican Resident in the U.S. were can I renew my mexico passport near Aurora, Illinois

    6. Connie Says:

      What is another type of official identification document? How does a mexican by birth living in the US obtain such document?

    7. hector eliguio perez huertas Says:

      deseeo obtener duplicado de pasaporte .me encuentro en peru.

    8. ali saucedo Says:

      Looking for a phone number to call to add pages to a mexican passport.

    9. patty Says:

      How do I renew my mexico passport?

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