Applying for Passports in Pakistan

Pakistan nationals who will travel abroad need Pakistani passports to do so. The Directorate General Immigration and Passports of the Ministry of Interior issue this important travel document upon approval and validation of the requirements. Currently, several regional passport offices issue the new Machine Readable or Biometric passports.

Types Available

There is a specific type of passport for specific types of position. These include the ordinary passport, official passport, and the diplomatic passport. The ordinary passport type is issued to normal citizens for purposes like traveling, studying, visiting, or conducting business. The official passport is for government officials, while the diplomatic type is only for ambassadors, consuls, and other members of the diplomatic community.


If you are applying for a new passport, you have to submit a duly completed application form, your previous passport and photocopies of its first two pages, a passport-size photograph that isn’t more than six months old, and your computerized national identity card of CNIC in original and photocopy.

Machine-readable passports have already been incorporated into the system; however, the old versions are still valid for a time period. In order to avoid any inconvenience, it is better if you keep a photocopy of your Pakistani passport, along with the page that has your residence permit visa or stamp.

For a lost passport, the required additional documents include a police report that states the circumstances surrounding the loss or theft, a certificate of legal residence from authorities of your country’s residence, and a photocopy of your lost Pakistani passport, plus a copy of the page that has the permanent residence permit or valid visa.

Additional Information

Aside from the required documents and proof you have to submit, your application must include a fee for a new passport to be granted to you. An ordinary passport will cost you SEK (Swedish Kronor) 330, while an urgent one will require more at SEK 860. An urgent passport will be issued the next day immediately. If you learn a lot from this article, time for you to read how to travel safely.

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