Applying for Passports in Philippines

Along with a visa, your passport is one of the most important travel documents you will need. In the Philippines, this document is issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and by Philippine diplomatic missions in other countries. A Philippine passport is issued to a Filipino citizen and is also a main identification document.

Types Available

There are four types of Philippine passports that the government issues: regular, diplomatic, official, and the seaman’s identification record book.

A regular passport has a maroon cover and is the most common type of passport issued to traveling Filipino citizens and government officials on non-official travels.

A diplomatic passport, on the other hand, is only for members of the Philippine diplomatic service, service attachés of the government, Cabinet members, and Philippine delegates to regional and international organizations.

An official passport is for members of the Philippine government who are on official business, and also to employees of Philippine diplomatic communities abroad. Government officials are not allowed to use this for non-official matters.

The fourth type, or the seaman’s identification record book, has a light blue cover and is issued to applicants who will work as crew members on foreign ships. This one is issued by the Maritime Industry Authority or MARINA.


If you are a Filipino citizen living in the Philippines, applying for a passport is easy. You just have to furnish the necessary documents and appear personally before the officer.

The most important document is your original birth certificate, issued by the National Statistics Office or NSO in security paper. However, you may also substitute this with a certified true copy or a photocopy of your birth certificate as long as it is issued by the Local Civil Registrar and authenticated by the NSO.

In order to establish your identity clearly and make processing faster and smoother, you may need to bring additional documents like your voter’s ID, employment ID, NBI clearance, and driver’s license.

Along with these, take three copies of a recent photo of you measuring 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm. They require a colored picture with a plain white background. You must also be wearing a decent top with collar.

Finally, a specified personal appearance is not required when you are eight years and below, 65 years and above, or, physically or mentally incapacitated.

Additional Information

When applying for a passport at the DFA, be careful of fixers waiting outside the compound. Some of them may be wearing identification cards with the logo of the government agency on it. Don’t fall victim to any of them as you can be charged as much as three times the real cost of a passport. They can offer to process your papers for you or take your picture for money. If you are fresh from the provinces, take special care as you are often the main targets of these unscrupulous individuals. (Learn how to get rid of scammers)

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  1. marlene reyes azusawa Says:

    can i pick up my passport

  2. mary ann adriano shimura Says:

    i need a form for a renewal passport

  3. hada ruby lou racero Says:

    i need a form for a renewal passport

  4. Katakura Lilibeth Says:

    i need a form of a renewal passport

  5. Boracayman Says:

    The Philippines issues Machine readable Passports that do require a photo with Royal Blue Background or Dark Blue background. Not light background as you have indicated above.
    Also for Passport Applicants that are children under 8 they are not required to personally attend when lodging the Passport application but one of their parent must Personally be present. This then still requires travel which can be a huge inconvenience for those far away from a DFA Passport Office.

  6. Boracayman Says:

    Now that the Philippines issues Machine readable Passports they require the Background to be Royal Blue or Dark Blue.. not Light as described above.

    Also for those Applicants under 8 years of age they are not required to personally lodge the Passport application but one of their Parents must be present.. which can be a huge inconvenience for those Living long distances froma DFA Passport Office or Philippine Embassy/ accepted Consulate abroad.

  7. rollie teves Says:

    its should have been better for all filipinos to posses a national identity I.D. so theres no fraud in securing passports. a good example like wqe do here in the european union.WE even pay cheaper passport fees than the filipinos its a wonder.

  8. Flavio Says:

    how much costs a passport?

  9. Adelina Gable Says:

    PLease send me a form because I lost my passport and I’m travelling very soon.

  10. Adelina Gable Says:

    Pls send me an application form

  11. rizalisa a. uemura Says:

    i need form too for renewal passport pls?

  12. rizalisa a. uemura Says:

    how can i get the form for renewal passport can u mail me how can i get? please?

  13. mizutani nina annifer villamater Says:

    i need a form for a renewal of my passport

  14. Rossana M. Shiratsuka Says:

    My Philippine passport will be end this coming June… Do I need to go in Osaka for renew my passport?

  15. Benedicta Tubera Abaoag Says:

    Can you please provide the requirements for passport renewal. My passport expires this May 2009, and I am presently residing and working in Marbella, Spain. The RP embassy in Madrid told me that I have to personally get the passport renewal form, etc., in Madrid office. Before we can just fill up the forms and send the cash payment by mail, especially for those filipinos who are very far from Madrid. Need your help and advice.


    gusto ko po sana ipagawa ang anak ko ng passport pero ng pumunta ako sa embassy nahirapan po ako kung bakit ayaw nila ang apelyidong gigamit niya samantalang may rehistrado po ito sa japan na puwedeng gamitin ito ng anak ko humihingi po sana ako ng advise sainyo

  17. Leilani M. Asaoka Says:

    please send me a downloadable application form for renewal of passport. thank you for your kind consideration

  18. mary ann bower Says:

    Magandang umaga po ako po ay si mary ann bower nandito po ako sa okinawa japan. gusto ko lang pong malaman kong ano na ang nangyayari sa passport ko dahil nong 2007 pa po yon at ngayon ay 2009 na po na hindi ko pa na tanggap ang pass port ko sana po maintindihan nyo ako parati kong sinasabi sa phil. consulate dito sa okinawa kong dumating na ang pass port ko sinasabi lang sa akin na kong gusto ko raw ako na raw mismo ang pupunta sa tokyo pero wala akong pera na papunta dyan at sabi ko dito sa kanila bakit ako pupunta ng tokyo kaya nga may phil. consulate para tulungan nyo kaming mga pilipinang nasa japan . kaya po sana maintindihan nyo ako at kong napano na ang pass port ko dahil year 2009 na ngayon at hindi pa rin dumating,maraming salamat po.

  19. jolly badian Says:

    my mother would like to renew her expired philippine passport, could you give us latest information regarding form to fill out and what the necessary fees

  20. josephine mauro Says:

    i need a form for a renewal passport

  21. bonnet maria Says:

    hello can you tell me how long for renew the passeport of my wife she live in france and work in ireland but they tell her they need 3 months for renew her passeport it is correct or not maybe if we go to paris its better no can you answer me please thank you very much.

  22. naty Says:

    what are the requirements for applying my own child on her child passporting while i’m here in canada?what are those documents that i should complete and send to the guardian for them to apply my child for passporting?do i need to make an authorization letter or get any requirements here in canada to process the passport?pls help me to send the complete requirements so that i will join her in my application for permanent residence here in canada.pls..i’m a single parent so i don’t know what else i need for getting that passport.thank’s

  23. Ednalyn R.Nelmida Says:

    how many days is the processing of renewal,since i work here in hongkong i want to renew it in manila co’z so expensive here.if i will renew it by appointment do i need to appear?i’m going home for a vacation on june & i will only stay there for 10 days is it possible that i can pick up my passport in 10 days?…………..thanks!

  24. ria sato Says: mam sir ano po ang dapat kong ihanda na document for change para sa family name na gamit ng son ko divorce na po ako at nag asawa uli gusto kong gamitin na rin ng son ko ang gamit kong family name sa asawa ko ngayon. ano po ba ang ihahanda kong papeles. pls. help me. god bless you all, thank you

  25. zaira murata Says:

    gud day!sir/madam,ask ko po f how long will it take kng magpa change status ako ng passport ko from single to married and wat po procedures?d2 po ako japan now n pwd ko po b jan sa pinas ipachange passport ko kc gus2 ko rin po sna isabay pagkuha passport baby ko is 3wks enough for that matter?please tell me wat is the best thing for me to do.i’m hoping for your advice.thank u ,more power and Godbless

  26. Deanz Says:

    im come from philippiness..but,i already long time live in SABAH MALAYSIA with no identification,how can i get the internasional pasport philippiness to malaysia????help me!!!!

  27. Becky Says:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I want to inquire if how many days will it take for a first timer to get his passport. He’s applying in Zamboanga City. Please reply ASAP. Thank you so much.


  28. chiqy Says:

    What are the requirements in renewal and change of status of passport? How much does it cost?

  29. Keli Says:

    Its been about 8 years staying in the U.S. illegally. How can I renew my Philippines passport without getting in to trouble with the immigration Dept. Thank You.

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